Four Things You Need To Consider When Buying Padlocks

Whether you're going on holiday, at the gym, or out for a bicylce ride, padlocks are essential for keeping your possessions safe when you're not there to keep an eye on them. You could be fooled in thinking that all padlocks are the same and do the same job, however, depending on the purpose; there are many things to consider...

Whatever your requirements, have a read of what we believe to be important when choosing the best padlocks for you.

1: The size of the hole that the shackle is going to be put through is the first thing to think about. Many gym lockers have small shackle holes, meaning that if you buy a large padlock, it's just not going to fit. Also, if there is a long shackle hole, a short padlock is not going to suffice and will not lock back in to the body of the padlock.

2: Never assume that all padlocks are made the same way. Generally, the more money you spend on a padlock, the better the quality of padlock you can buy. For suitcases and lockers, a simple and inexpensive padlock will normally be adequate, but if you're investing in a padlock for your home or garden shed, then consider spending a little more, as you'd want it to last a good few years, as well as appearing intimidating and secure to potential thieves.

3: Weather Resistant – Not all manufacturers guarantee their padlocks for external use, even though many padlocks are on chains or doors open to all elements. But they do try to use materials that will resist the weather like stainless and brass, or in some cases bronze. As mentioned previously, not all padlocks are made the same way, so make sure that you take in to consideration the location where the padlock will be used, before you purchase one.

4: Lubrication. Never use WD40 or any fatty based oil at all. Fatty oil congeals with age and stays wet, which attracts dust and grit and it is this that clogs up the padlock with time. Graphite powder is the best option you can opt for when cleaning, otherwise you'll need to replace your padlock sooner than you anticipated.