Outdoor Security

If you spend a few minutes thinking about the value of the items kept outside your house which are stored in sheds, garages and out buildings it all adds up very quickly.

If appropriate security measures are not in place, suddenly bikes, mowers, garden furniture, tools and vehicles are all at risk. The obvious thing to do is to make sure all are stored out of sight, but this by no way means they are safe from possible threats of theft.

Home security is exceedingly important to most people and much money and time is spend ensuring that your house is as secure as it can possibly be, however, often items kept outside are left unlocked or secured with the cheapest hasp and padlock you can find.

You don’t need to be a security expert to make the outside of your property secure. By taking simple yet affective actions you can eliminate the chances of an attempted or successful break-in.

Asec offer a vast range of products to keep your belongings safe when they're outside, ranging from solid steel locking bars and rugged padbolts, to sliding shackle padlocks and lockable parking posts.

To discover the most efficient ways to keep your belongings safe, view our range of outdoor security